About me

Welcome to my blog !!

I am a young guy who are always curious about life and its beauty. I see my life as a journey, and like any adventures we do have some logs to record events, which are mostly known as diary. This is why I create this blog, to record my stories and ones that interest me.

Everyone has stories to tell. It’s maybe boring, shallow, weird, subjective…but they are our own stories. Most of the time in a day we read stories of others and unconsciously forget our own ones. That’s why sometimes we repeat our old mistakes. So instead of keeping for yourself and and leave it falling into oblivion, why don’t tell everyone ? We can share and learn together.

Again, welcome to my blog. Hope that my stories don’t bother you and make you bored so quickly. Feel free to contact me if you see me as some guy you can trust.



PS: Under this universe, we are nothing but one.


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